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The Meme Museum by 9gag

Social Media; In-mall Screen

Producer: Waiyi Kwong
Videographer: Waiyi Kwong
Editor: Waiyi Kwong

K11 Art Mall

K11 Art Mall has joined forces with 9gag to bring Hong Kong's first-ever physical meme exhibition. Promising to fill your summer with giggles and laughter, the Meme Museum transports some of the most viral and hilarious memes from around the world straight from your social feed to K11 Art Mall.

Held from July 16 to Sept 5 at the chi K11 art space, the Meme Museum consists of seven themed zones. Expect to see and interact with over 100 global and local memes in various forms – imagery, 3D figures, video, and even scent – as well as an exciting variety of merchandise, including an exclusive ‘These memes don’t belong to me’ board game, a special meme Snapio photo booth, limited-edition Meme Yes!Cards, and temporary laser-printed meme tattoos!

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