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/ Collaborate with Lam Wing Tung,

Lam Hei Man, Cheung Sze Man

L 2m x W 1m x H 1.8m


DesignXcel 2017 Exhibition  |

Hong Kong Central Library , Hong Kong 

EDT 2017 Exhibition  |

HKDI Gallery , Hong Kong

RADIATION - A part of our earth which it has existed all along. It penetrates things and exists everywhere, even in the air or inside your bodies.
FASHION - A kind of culture and a trend that used to exist. It created the trend and has been always affected you and me. We combine the characteristics of fashion and radiation, bring out a redefinition of these two things.
RADIGRAPHY is an interactive installation that will translate the invisible radiation into a series of fashion photography through data visualization. Bring out the possibility of beautiful things, and informing people about the radiation in surroundings.

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