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Fun Factory Presents
PALSY: A Sensual Sound Trip

/ Collaborate with Wong Hiu Ching


Women's Festival 2020 The Inward Turn: Reflecting from within  |  Eaton HK, Hong Kong

A Thousand Plateaus Research Project Presentation  |  Freespace, West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong

In French, there is the phrase “La petite mort”, referring to the brief loss or weakening of consciousness during and after reaching orgasm. Indeed, empirical researches also show that some people may experience temporary nerve palsy and mental paralysis following orgasm. This is sometimes experienced by people who are exceptionally high or excited, for instance, when engaging in extreme sports or fully immersed into performing on stage.

Ecstasy comes in different forms, from different sources and stimulations. While most are unaware of the important role other sensory experiences play in pleasure, sound is essential to arousal: music, cheers, slogans, whispering, moaning, and the now very popular ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). Our individual level of sensitivity may differ, yet we can still find unique resonance when interacting with frequencies that are beyond words and entities.

Echoing “The Inward Turn”, the theme of Women's Festival 2020, PALSY is a pleasure-inspired audio-visual exploration, featuring toys by world-leading sex toy manufacturer FUN FACTORY. Curator Wong Ka Ying, teaming with emerging multi-media artists Wong Hiu Ching SaSa and Kwong Wai Yi, will conduct on-site sound and visual generative art experiments with Fun Factory signature products and other objects.

By manipulating live recordings and generating images with the sound, the performance simulates a multitude of sensory experiences such as loss, suffocation, liberation, orgasm… the artists attempt to explore the many facets and possibilities of pleasure and desire within us all.

法文裡面的「高潮(La petite mort)」一字有「微小的死亡(the little death)」之意,而研究及實例顯示部分人經歷性愛的高潮時,身體、感官和意識會出現短暫的麻痺或癱瘓,同樣的情況在人受到衝激達至極度興奮時亦偶會發生,譬如是挑戰極限運動或在舞台上渾然忘我地表演。


承接女人節2020的主題「The Inward Turn」,是次表演將與全球第一情趣品牌、來自德國的Fun Factory合作,為大家送上一場衍生性藝術(Generative Art)的聲畫饗宴 — 有別於傳統音樂表演有明確的旋律導引,策劃人黃嘉瀛與兩位新晉多媒體藝術家黃曉晴及鄺惠怡 ,將利用各款Fun Factory的皇牌產品及其他物件,即場進行以慾望領航的聲音實驗,再以聲音生成隨機影像。


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