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Nothing Please Like Maltesers

Short Film
/ Collaborate with Wong Hiu Ching, Hui Lam



SeaShorts Film Festival 2020, Space In Between Screening |


New Wave Motion Screening | 
There Is No Reason, Hong Kong

33rd Image Forum Festival Screening  | Theatre Image Forum, Tokyo ;

Spiral Hall, Tokyo ;

Aichi Arts Center, Nagoya;

Lumen Gallery, Kyoto

4th Kannibal Fest Screening  |

Griess Muehle , Berlin

Nothing Pleases Like Maltesers introduces an emotionally distant relationship between 4 strangers. We all have our own needs that weren’t fulfilled, desires that are left unsatisfied and regrets that couldn’t be saved. We try to get our life balanced but sometimes we just go crazy a bit. We look for help, but what can we expect from the others especially when this is just a small thing happened in the middle of the night?


Four strangers who are just managing to maintain their composure as they struggle against the stresses of every- day life. Trivial problems arise in the parking lot where they run into each other.

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