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Nike 50

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Producer: Waiyi Kwong, Tracey Ngai
Videographer: Waiyi Kwong, Tracey Ngai
Editor: Waiyi Kwong


Nike at 50: A Genealogy of Progress’ is a showcase of the sportswear giant’s revolutionary designs and remarkable milestones heralded by the iconic 1972 Moon Shoe — exemplary of Nike’s “Never Done” spirit.

Connecting Nike’s lineage are four zones that highlight different areas of progress: ‘Nike 50 Moments’ celebrates the past, present, and future through an audiovisual experience; the ‘Moon Path’ features marathon heritage artefacts, including the 1972 Moon Shoe; ‘Allure of Air’ pays tribute to Nike Air’s cushioning technologies, one of the brand’s most sustainable innovations; the ‘Move to Zero Lounge’ rethinks design for sustainability and athletic performance, featuring six local creative visionaries who have repurposed Nike manufacturing waste in artistic ways

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