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Moving 05.5

/ Producer ; Art Director


Moving05.5 | Multimedia Theatre, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, Hong Kong

Moving05.5 is a multimedia art-based live performance with a local independent band —— Prune Deer. The music characteristic of Prune Deer is instrumental rock, which uses the ups and downs of music to drive the emotions of the viewer. For this project, the group teamed up to create a new song, "Date".
Different from normal band show, we used some special strategies, such as back projection, live camera with VJ and created a unique huge 3D physicality canvas, in order to interact with the audiences and create a special experience.

The concept of this song "Date" is to express the experience of time, a past and present, the future. Opposition, in fact, is like war, often because of certain values, and the opposition is usually long-lasting, while lasting brings a sense of ethereality. Human beings are like prey that are forced to experience in a war and grow up.
This time we will present a performing arts, perform this work live through the band, and use the technology of the new media to bring the artistic conception expressed by "Date" to the audience. We will use the projector to deliver the film, which will create a contradiction, ethereal, prey and performance. This situation occurs in different date and time.

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