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Fingers Are Meant For Touching


/ Collaborate with Wong Hiu Ching



TNDR Interactive Art Happening  |

Kino Roland , Zurich

TNDR is an interactive art happening exhibition, by hacking the pop icon "tinder", we break down the knowledge we normally knew about tinder and learn from our behavior.

Fingers are meant for touching is an audiovisual performance suggested a new sensory to feel. By looking at the media "tinder", we discovered that we are forgetting what does it feel like to touch. Our idea is to collect the sound of touching on different materials and texture by using contact mic.

DJ suggests real-life touches by recording and manipulating the analog sound of touching objects with different textures, we recall our memory on real-life touches; VJ suggests virtual connections through generative art to engage the electronic feeling.


DJ and VJ are contradictory at the same time they work together and create the atmosphere for our own reflection. Our work stands for the tinder experience by viewing tinder as virtual reality, we recall our memory on real-life touches. Go back to our most basic human nature and instinct; The connection/feelings between us and the things that we touch; The process of going through different layers of understanding.

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