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Fingers Are Meant For Touching


/ Collaborate with Wong Hiu Ching



TNDR Interactive Art Happening  |

Kino Roland , Zurich

TNDR is an interactive art exhibition that reimagines the pop icon 'Tinder.', we deconstruct our preconceived notions about Tinder and explore our behavior.

The audiovisual performance 'Fingers are Meant for Touching' introduces a new sensory experience. By examining the medium of Tinder, we have noticed a loss of tactile sensation in our lives.

The DJ component records and manipulates analog sounds of touching objects with different textures, evoking real-life sensations. Meanwhile, the VJ element engages us in virtual connections through generative art. Together, they create an atmosphere for reflection, prompting us to revisit our memories of touch and fundamental human nature. The performance invites us to explore the profound connection and feelings we have with the things we touch, guiding us through layers of understanding.

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