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Cartier : Love Is All

Social Media

Producer: Waiyi Kwong
Videographer: Waiyi Kwong, Tracey Ngai, Fat
Editor: Waiyi Kwong


Cartier’s magnificent 13-metre-tall Christmas tree of shimmering red and gold — the tallest of its kind in Hong Kong. 
Capturing the scale of this season’s wishes and holiday cheer, the giant Christmas tree will be enveloped in a daily evening show of spectacular lights and music, along with surprise performances happening at 3pm every weekend throughout December.

The renowned jewellery house has also partnered with three social enterprises and six NGOs to curate and distribute presents to underprivileged children, disabled students, and the elderly in need, echoing Cartier and K11’s long-held ethos of giving back to the community. 

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