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Story Weavers

Short Film
/ Sound ; Art Direction

5"56 / 5"11' / 3"12'

A script is the cornerstone of theatre, and the art of playwriting involves a very special form of writing. The script must be transformed physically and visually on stage, and make use of language that is realistic and understandable. In Story Weavers, a group of talented youth playwrights craft their very own short and punchy skits to celebrate the originality and diversity of Cantonese slang.

Part of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant: stART Up Community Arts Project 2022: Playwriting Programme: Story Weavers

'David Hockney'
Differing lifestyles pull people apart. But if you take the time to slow down and observe, you will find beauty through the eyes of others.

For this shift, the taxi driver was hoping for something interesting to happen, but the passenger was just wanting a quiet moment. However, fate has it that they go on an unusual journey, taking them back to where it all began. Although the endpoint scenery may look the same, things are not as they were.

'The Sun is Going to Set'《殊途同歸》
Four people with different backgrounds and personalities are accidentally trapped in the same elevator. Although what they say seems completely unrelated, the words they share expose a commonality: fear.

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