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HOUSE OF MUSEA: Sticky Monger

Social Media ; In-mall screen

Producer: Tracey Ngai, Waiyi Kwong
Videographer: Fat

Editor: Waiyi Kwong


We’re setting off a strawberry fever as K11 MUSEA transforms into a romantic English estate this season! Harking back to the grand garden parties once held, the HOUSE OF MUSEA is envisioned as a cultural stomping ground where ideas are exchanged, feats of creativity are celebrated, and delectable confections like strawberry desserts are served — both literally and figuratively.

Spot the two monumental strawberry artworks ’Strawberry Stalker’ by Brooklyn-based Korean artist Stickymonger at the Opera Theatre — a thoughtful installation questioning the very idea of originality and uniqueness with the artist’s seemingly adorable strawberry character.

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