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Splendid Park by Michael Lau

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Producer: Waiyi Kwong
Waiyi Kwong, Kwan Cheuk Wai
Editor: Waiyi Kwong


Hong Kong contemporary artist Michael Lau, best known for his designer toy figures, blooms at K11 MUSEA with ‘Splendid Park’, his first-ever institutional exhibition!

Presenting his oeuvre from 2011 to 2022 that exemplifies his signature floral motifs coupled with street art, the exhibition features nearly 40 stunning paintings and sculptures drawn from the “Package-change”, “First Encounter”, “Soliloquy”, “Master”, “Flowers” series, and more. A personal archive that spans Lau’s three-decade-long artistic journey since his “Gardener” art toy days in the late 1990s, ‘Splendid Park’ playfully transports the audience to a blossoming art world through deconstructing, appropriating and juxtaposing art historical masterpieces.

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