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Art Director & Producer: Waiyi Kwong
Director: Kwan Cheuk Wai

K11 MUSEA Goldball

The dragon awakens — a 24K Golden Skateboard hovers above a stone pedestal at the heart of @azuki’s Garden. @k11musea once again blurs the digital with the physical by linking up with the Ethereum native to bring Asia’s first-ever Azuki activation to Hong Kong.

Enshrined in the Gardens, each skateboard is handcrafted to depict an exquisitely detailed golden dragon, engraved with one of nine unique emblems: the four elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning and five animals of Red Panda, Frog, Sloth, Cat, and Dragon.

With a collection of 10,000 anime-themed digital avatars, Azuki launches “PROOF OF SKATE” to celebrate its first implementation of the BEAN CHIP, a cryptographic chip embedded in every golden skateboard, based off of “Physical Backed Token” (PBT), a new technology that enables decentralised authentication and ownership-tracking of physical items.

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