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Life goes on and on . . .


H 1.25m x L 1.5m

‘CHUR!’ Experience Exhibition | Y Studio, Youth Square, Hong Kong

Life goes on and on... takes inspiration from the concept of "failure" in athletic training. "Failure" refers to the point in weight training where the muscles reach their limit, becoming fatigued to the extent that they cannot perform another repetition, thus stimulating fast-twitch muscle fibers. "Failure" represents the limits of human capacity, both physically and psychologically. It is commonly believed that understanding one's limits is essential to challenging and surpassing them. However, excessive training to the point of failure can suppress growth hormones, increase stress hormones, and lead to neural fatigue. The work explores this idea to contemplate the sense of oppression in life and attempts to understand the sense of powerlessness experienced by the modern generation characterized by a lack of desire.

The artwork will consist of a video installation comprising thirty images. Each image depicts an individual attempting to train on a rowing machine to the point of "failure" for thirty consecutive days, showcasing the physical and emotional changes over this period.

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