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Sonice Anchor #36 - ▭▯□○▱◯⫐


/ Collaborate with Wong Hiu Ching


Sonic Anchor #36  |
McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre

Sonic Anchor #36 brings a duo of Kwong Wai Yi and Sasa, and Tsun Yeung to the McAulay Studio, the duo will be pondering on the constant loss of memories and the notion of piecing fragments together to create new impressions of the past.

Homesickness involves the continuous loss of things and reshaping their appearance. Generating real-time sounds and recording toy sounds serve as evidence for validating memories, highlighting the difference between distorted memories and actual sounds. A echo represents a sense of homesickness through lingering sounds. Memories persist, but their presence is noticed when sounds disappear or resonate. Fragments of sounds can form non-linear memories, albeit incomplete. Each act of reminiscing adds new layers of impression, like a sound loop. Rain, an ordinary yet infrequent sound, reveals the transient nature of things with each raindrop.



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