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Music Video

Director: Wong Hiu Ching
Interviewee: Alicia F. Dorde
Videographer: Alicia F. Dorde, Waiyi Kwong, Wong Hiu Ching
Editor: Waiyi Kwong, Wong Hiu Ching


'Face-to-face' Exhibition | K11 Art Mall Piazza

Sponsored by the creative collaboration of art and cultural organizations, social enterprises co-create one song for one person, the project 'Face to Face' tries pop music to reflect the infinite possibilities of social diversity.

After in-depth interviews and contacts, present the life stories of each character with text, music, and video, the project will bring ten faces and ten moving stories to the public.

"Awakening' inspired by the life story of Alicia F. Dorde, Alicia also stars in this music video and takes the audience to her hometown with her camera.


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