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3-channels Video Installation


BMW XM:BREAK THE NORM | Asia Standard Tower, Hong Kong

Experience "BMW XM: BREAK THE NORM" - an immersive light and shadow experiential space that offers distinguished guests a profound appreciation of the intricate craftsmanship details of the BMW XM from various visual, auditory, tactile, and sensory perspectives. Renowned artist Ahong Cheung, winner of the Best Art Direction at the Hong Kong Film Awards, breaks boundaries by venturing into the automotive industry as the creative and art director for this unique experience.

"DANCE. BREAK THE BOUNDARIES" is a creation that symbolizes the fusion of strength, beauty, tradition, and trend, reshaping perceptions of BMW XM. It seamlessly combines the off-road luxury of BMW X with the exhilarating power of BMW M, breaking boundaries. With digital screens displaying dynamic dance forms and immersive surround sound effects, you can enjoy an unrestricted audiovisual feast.


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